Super Bowl 56 Picks, Predictions, Prop Bets: LA Rams vs Cincinnati Bengals LVI Best Bet

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It’s the mother of all games and the last of the NFL season.  Super Bowl LVI is upon us with Todd and Payne taking a deep-dive into our last game on the menu from a point spread perspective including a healthy amount of prop bets.  The fellas provide crucial matchup analysis and key metrics to help get you to the FanDuel betting window and cash your bets and daily fantasy football lineups.

▶️ $300 Cash Contest (3:41)
▶️ A PSA to Bengals Fans (6:40)
▶️ Bengals Offense vs. Rams Defense (10:01)
▶️ Attacking the Super Bowl and Props (26:00)
▶️ Rams Offense vs. Bengals Defense (30:57)
▶️ John Sheeran Sports Book Report (46:66)
▶️ 5 Prop Bets 💰 (1:08:29)

Anyone remember Detective Alonzo Harris from Training Day?  Well that’s Payne this football season, in particular at the end of the movie when it comes to Bengals fans.  A Super Bowl matchup nobody saw coming has been nothing but a social media dance for our loyal fans in Cincinnati.  The Bengals have miraculously driven their magic carpet straight to Los Angeles and our guys are attacking this game from a variety of angles.  Of course the sexy pick will be taking a side in this game, but your options are open for business here.  Payne and Todd look at the line, moneyline, game total, and a truckload of props from pregame to postgame.  It all starts with with one roller coaster offense to another that has been firing on all cylinders this postseason.  With two weeks to prepare, does Joe Burrow go from a torn ACL to Bengals immortality?  Can Matthew Stafford join his longtime friend Clayton Kershaw and finally get an elusive ring that will cement his legacy and career?  Will Von Miller go 2 for 2 in Super Bowl MVP’s?  So much to chew on and we’re glad you’ve been with us from training camp to Super Bowl 56.  Best of luck as always and don’t forget to pay close attention to the $300 cash contest rules!

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