March Madness Picks and Predictions for Opening Round of NCAA Tournament with Bracket Tips

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Gone are the days of College football and the NFL, but have no fear Tournament time is here. Crack the brackets out, grab your black and red marker, and let the Madness of March begin. Todd and Payne attack the opening round of the NCAA Tournament by looking coast-to-coast with a variety of games, highlighting their favorites. Payne does return with a best bet and the fellas invite John Sheeran for a deep dive into his thoughts on how to navigate the bracket.

▶️ West Bracket
Vermont vs. Arkansas (5:40)
New Mexico State vs. Connecticut (11:52)

▶️ East Bracket
San Francisco vs. Murray State (18:05)
Indiana vs. Saint Mary’s CA (23:44)

▶️ John Sheeran shares 4 Sharp Bets (28:56)

▶️ South Bracket
UAB vs. Houston (48:42)
Houston’s Ceiling + Bracket Tips
Chattanooga vs. Illinois (58:15)
Michigan vs. Colorado State (1:03:28)

▶️ Midwest Bracket
Richmond vs. Iowa (1:11:08)
South Dakota State vs. Providence (1:16:40)

▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:25:00)

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