Sweet 16 Picks and Elite 8 Predictions: UNC vs. UCLA, Duke vs. Texas Tech, Houston vs. Arizona, Michigan vs. Villanova, Arkansas vs. Gonzaga, St. Peter’s vs. Purdue, Providence vs. Kansas, Iowa State vs. Miami

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Busted and broken are many brackets thanks to St Peter’s cracking a few skulls. Todd and Payne return with a look at the Sweet 16 by looking through eight games, highlighting their favorites.  Payne takes his time crushing a certain basketball conference out west before the fellas give way to John Sheeran.  John opens up about what is left on the table for us to consume and how the books are looking at favorites and dogs at this point in the season.

▶️ College Basketball Variance (1:50)
▶️ Houston vs. Arizona (6:37)
▶️ Michigan vs. Villanova (14:26)
▶️ Arkansas vs. Gonzaga (21:40)
▶️ Texas Tech vs. Duke (28:21)
▶️ John Sheeran Shares Sharp Bets (36:30)
▶️ North Carolina vs. UCLA (48:36)
▶️ Saint Peter’s vs. Purdue (54:12)
▶️ Providence vs. Kansas (1:00:58)
▶️ Iowa State vs. Miami (1:06:23)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:15:21)

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