NFL Week 5 Sports Betting: Monday Night Football – Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina Panthers

Monday Night Football edition of Bet The Board with Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider breaking down the do or die NFC South battle between Tampa Bay and Carolina.  No Cam Newton, No Johnathan Stewert for the Panthers and no Gerald McCoy, Doug Martin for the Buccaneers.

As usual, Fuhrman and Payne dive into the Best and Worst individual and team performances from Sunday NFL Week 5, but they also added a Contender/Pretender segment to this weeks podcast.  Is Atlanta real?  Whether Romo or Dak is the 4-1 start in Dallas legit?  How about the Green Bay Packers, are they a Contender or Pretender?  Some of the answers will surely surprise…

Monday Movie Review talks Deepwater Horizon and is Mark Wahlberg an elite actor?  All that and more, on the MNF Edition of Bet The Board! Bonus Codes: 75BTB for first timers (75% Bonus) and 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus).

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