NFL Week 4 Sports Betting: Monday Night Football – New York Giants vs Minnesota Vikings

Monday Night Football edition of Bet The Board with Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider breaking down the New York Giants trip to Minnesota to take on Sam Bradford and the Vikings is live!  As always, Fuhrman and Payne dive into MNF, but before they get there it’s all about the Best and Worst individual and team performances from Sunday NFL Week 4.

How good was Atlanta, Julio Jones, and Matt Ryan?  Hue Jackson has Cleveland continuing to play their tail off in losing efforts.  Brian Hoyer gets some Bet The Board love, and Payne Insider appoints a defensive lineman his MVP through 4 weeks!  What coaches are the early front-runners for signal callers of the year, and Jameis Winston (screaming voice) where on earth are you throwing the ball!?!

All that and more, on the MNF Edition of Bet The Board! Bonus Codes: 75BTB for first timers (75% Bonus) and 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus).

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