NFL Week 14 Picks: New England at LA Rams, Pittsburgh at Buffalo, Minnesota at Tampa, Kansas City at Miami, Indianapolis at Las Vegas

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NFL Week 14 is here! Todd and Payne from are back to break down all the big games from a point spread perspective including a BEST BET. The boys provide crucial matchup analysis and key metrics to help get you to the FanDuel betting window and cash your daily fantasy football lineups.

In-depth previews on the very biggest NFL Week 14 games include:

▶️ Minnesota at Tampa Bay (2:55)
▶️ Kansas City at Miami (17:50)
▶️ Indianapolis at Las Vegas (30:22)
▶️ Pittsburgh at Buffalo (43:00)
▶️ John Sheeran Sports Book Report (56:39)
▶️ New England at LA Rams (1:06:22)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:17:16)

Can Bruce Arians and Tom Brady get Tampa Bay’s offense humming out of the bye? Will Miami be able to run efficiently enough to keep Mahomes on the sidelines? Are the Colts matchup advantages on Offense too much for the Raiders to overcome? Pittsburgh and Buffalo might throw it 90 times combined, who has the edge in that kind of game? New England has attracted sharp money for Thursday Night Football, is the move warranted? All that and more on Week 14 of Bet the Board!

Comment below with YOUR best bet for NFL Week 14!

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