Conference USA College Football Preview: Picks, Predictions, Win Totals, and Futures

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The college football preview series is alive and well!  Listeners can expect everything in the Bet the Board offseason episodes.  From schedules, injuries, transfers, coaching changes, and line projections to the On-Field matchups, metrics, injuries, power ratings, coaching edges, and from the best in the business

Miss the NFL offseason show? There’s plenty of great info bettors need to know before their favorite teams head to camp

Todd and Brad Powers spent the time to deep dive not only the programs in Conference USA but some of their thought process in handicapping a league going through a major facelift.

Dive right in

▶️ From FCS to FBS (1:50)

▶️ Mid-Week Madness (7:35)

▶️ Liberty (10:14)

▶️ Western Kentucky (17:50)

▶️ Middle Tennessee (23:06)

▶️ New Mexico State (29:00)

▶️ Louisiana Tech (35:22)

▶️ UTEP (39:55)

▶️ Jacksonville State (42:56)

▶️ Sam Houston State (46:48)

▶️ FIU (51:04)

▶️ 53:48 Best Bet

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