CardBoard Chat Episode 24: Fanatics Acquires PWCC Marketplace

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CardBoard Chat Episode 24 starts with a bang.  Jesse Craig and Payne address the biggest news in the sports card space hours after Fanatics Acquires PWCC Marketplace.  Now questions swirl among the collectible community.  Not to worry though, Jesse runs the gauntlet answering any and all questions and concerns while providing insight about the acquisition.

As usual, the boys talk about some of the best sports cards in the space.  All four core segments remain with Jesse and Payne diving into the most iconic card brands and players in sports by delivering quality information for those active, new to the sports card industry, or looking to return. It’s never too soon to start investing and collecting sports cards reliving your childhood hobby.

▶️ Fanatics Buys PWCC (1:35)

▶️ IT’S TIME! (Overvalued / Undervalued) (11:29)

▶️ Magic Number (Guess Auction Price) (20:39)

▶️ That’s A Ghost! (Rare Card Alert) (35:19)

▶️ THIS or THAT (Comparing 2 Cards) (40:52)

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