College Football Week 2 Picks and Predictions

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Todd Fuhrman, Payne Insider, and Brad Powers are back with College Football Week 2 Picks and Predictions.  The boys dive headfirst into an exciting board that features two huge battles worthy of deep-diving all the key matchups.

The trio starts by recapping the previous week’s action, highlighting key takeaways, surprises, and letdowns specifically Colorado, FSU, and Clemson.  As the discussion moves forward, Todd, Payne, and Brad provide a comprehensive breakdown of a 7 big games; uncovering key metrics, on-field matchups, injuries, and power ratings.

College Football Week 2 Preview Includes:

▶️ Colorado, FSU, Clemson recap (1:13)

▶️ Illinois at Kansas (12:14)

▶️ Notre Dame at N.C. State (20:27)

▶️ Wisconsin at Washington State (33:14)

▶️ Texas A&M at Miami (43:00)

▶️ Oregon at Texas Tech (59:30)

▶️ NON-POWERS 5 (1:09:00)

▶️ Texas at Alabama (1:13:50)

▶️ BEST BET (1:28:14)

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