NFL Week 1 Picks and Predictions

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Bet the Board returns with its NFL Week 1 Picks and Predictions podcast with host Todd Fuhrman and professional bettor Payne.  The duo deep-dives 6 of Sunday’s biggest Week 1 one games.  And guess what?  The one and only Dr. Deepka Chona, a sports injury expert that provides all the news you need on the latest injury information regarding Travis Kelce, Treylon Burks and others.

Todd and Payne don’t just give you the basics; they take you deep into the action, offering insights on spreads, totals, and everything you need to make your NFL betting experience top-notch.  Throughout their Week 1 NFL Preview, Todd and Payne provide actionable tips as they uncover key matchups, metrics, power ratings, weather, injuries, and more to help with your picks, pools, and fantasy lineups.

Week 1 Previews Include:

▶️ Lions at Chiefs (2:15)

▶️ Bengals at Browns (11:20)

▶️ 49ers at Steelers (22:28)

▶️ Dolphins at Chargers (34:24)

▶️ Eagles at Patriots (41:40)

▶️ Cowboys at Giants (46:47)

▶️ NFL Week 1 Injury Report (59:00)

▶️ BEST BET (1:13:20)

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