College Football Week 0 Picks and Predictions

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A special episode of Bet the Board breaking down College Football Week 0 action for the first time since inception in 2014.  Special guest and renowned CFB bettor Brad Powers brings his in-depth knowledge to the forefront.

Brad Powers concisely delivers valuable insights and analysis for the Week 0 College Football matchups that fans and bettors alike are itching to see.  Power ratings, injuries, starting lineup information, player trend lines, market analysis along with picks and predictions, Brad Powers covers it all.  Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or just getting into the game, this episode will provide you with the edge needed to make informed decisions and enjoy the thrilling action of Week 0 CFB.

College Football Week 0 Matchups Include:

▶️ Navy vs. Notre Dame (0:55)

▶️ UMass at New Mexico State (16:00)

▶️ FIU at Lousiana Tech (16:35)

▶️ San Jose State at USC (16:55)

▶️ Ohio at San Diego State (17:25)

▶️ UTEP at Jacksonville State (18:00)

▶️ Hawaii at Vanderbilt (18:39)

▶️ BEST BET (19:50)

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