Bowl Game Picks + NFL Week 17 Bets: Clemson vs Ohio State, Oklahoma vs LSU, San Francisco at Seattle

Bowl Games and NFL Week 17 Collide!  The boys return with a Holiday Season break down of the biggest College Bowls and NFL Week 17 games from a point spread perspective.  It’s a podcast betting extravaganza!  Payne and Todd provide key metrics, on-field matchups, player data, and important information to help get you to the window. PLUS, a best bet!

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Bowl Game deep dives and NFL Week 17 include:

▶️ Oklahoma vs LSU – Peach Bowl (2:36)
▶️ Clemson vs Ohio State – Fiesta Bowl (11:39)
▶️ Michigan vs Alabama – Citrus Bowl (21:01)
▶️ Wisconsin vs Oregon – Rose Bowl (28:00)
▶️ Baylor vs Georgia – Sugar Bowl (33:53)
▶️ Philadelphia at New York Giants (39:20)
▶️ Pittsburgh at Baltimore (45:20)
▶️ San Francisco at Seattle (52:44)
▶️ BEST BET ! (59:53)

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