American Athletic College Football Preview: Picks, Predictions, Win Totals, and Futures

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Well look at what we have here! Pigskin chatter is back and so is the gang (or most of them at least)

College football is around the corner so no better way to prepare than by diving head first into each conference one at a time until the season officially begins.

Miss the NFL offseason show? There’s plenty of great info bettors need to know before the teams head to camp

Todd and Brad Powers climb back into the pocket to provide deep dives into all things Group of 5 over the next few weeks while Payne finishes out his well deserved spring break.

Listeners can expect everything in the Bet the Board preview series.  From schedules, injuries, transfers, coaching changes, some possible lines, and line projections to the On-Field matchups, metrics, injuries, power ratings, coaching edges, and high end intel to get bettors up to speed before the season begins

In-depth reviews:

▶️ Group of 5 decline (2:00)

▶️ Changing face of AAC (8:08)

▶️ Coaching Carousel (12:05)

▶️ Non-Con big games (19:00)

▶️ Tulane (22:14)

▶️ SMU (27:15)

▶️ UTSA (30:30)

▶️ Memphis (34:30)

▶️ Navy (38:18)

▶️ North Texas (43:16)

▶️ FAU (45:53)

▶️ ECU (49:48)

▶️ UAB (52:36)

▶️ Temple (55:55)

▶️ Rest of the League (58:50)

▶️ Best Bet (1:03:42)

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