Bowled Over: Making Money on Postseason Football


The heart of bowl season is about to start in earnest and we here at Bet the Board, in the spirit of the season, are in a giving mood (and no, we don’t mean to the bookmaker).  Bowls are the final exams of the college football season; testing what we learned all semester long by putting handicapping principles to the test on the big stage.

There are also obvious challenges figuring out bowl games when it comes to the coaching carousel, motivation, relative strength of conferences, and a myriad of other variables that don’t factor nearly as prominently in early October.  We know you’re going to seek out the action fix with the college football schedule winding down so rather than tell you something you don’t want to hear, here are 4 useful tips for tilting the postseason scales in your favor.

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Identify a Plan

We talk about this all the time in betting; go into a sport or season with a very firm goal in mind.  Are you seeking profit or entertainment?  Normally, these two objectives are mutually exclusive since betting every single postseason game plays into a sportsbook like BetOnline.AG‘s hands, thus minimizing your edge as a bettor.  Rather than thinking each game provides the same money-making opportunity, seek to identify which games are worthy of full positions compared to those that make for nothing more than a small stocking stuffer wager.  This way should you elect to bet 30 bowls while grinding out a 16-14 record there’s a good chance, with proper edge identification, you can make a tidy sum IF you stake your bets properly.

Let the teams do the work for you

I know this is rather vague but hear me out; you don’t need to place every single wager on these games before they start — take advantage of live betting opportunities.  We see it countless times during the postseason; listless efforts from schools that couldn’t care less about being in their chosen destination.  Rather than guessing early if your extensive reading will yield fruit give yourself a quarter to digest the action.  Sure, you might not get the best of the number, however you’ll know which teams are fully entrenched in the game letting you grab a box-to-wire cover often before the market corrects itself accordingly.

Read, read, read — and when you think you’re done, read some more

I’m not sure we should say this around these parts, but I’ll do it anyways; devalue your power numbers in the postseason.  This isn’t the time of year to go into a game betting Team A over Team B simply because your numbers suggest market inefficiency.  Comparing league records, current form, or past history doesn’t get you the same results as during the regular season.  Trust me, when I see a number I’d make significantly higher were it a regular season game (cough, cough Auburn vs UCF), talent differential gets substantially discounted for a laundry list of extenuating circumstances.  Books look to hang prices built as much on public perception as their true numbers.  Should your reading indicate something not factored into a given price this gives you the greenlight to pounce.

While we’ll normally discourage bettors from leaning on bet splits, this is an excellent time of year to supplement your handicapping with this market knowledge should your research tell you something not reflected in those bet trends.  Just promise us one thing; you won’t be lazy in handicapping falling back on the age-old crutch of “Team A won’t be motivated for the game,” unless you’ve gleaned that knowledge from articles or player/coach quotes.

Have Fun

I’m beginning to write this more and more at the close of every column geared towards making all of you better sports bettors.  With the pool of recreational bettors growing exponentially by the day, the amount of folks in action with very little chance of turning a profit long-term sky rockets.  Sports betting should be fun; simple as that.  Of course we hope all of you go 35-0 this postseason, but setting sights that high only to be let down aren’t realistic.  Put aside a sum of cash you earmarked for recreation this holiday season.  Should that pile grow after listening to the soon to be released Bet the Board Bowl Spectacular then it’s even better.  Lastly, take those remaining winnings and buy something nice for that special someone in your life since anyone who puts up with a sports bettor watching 30 shit games in a two-week span deserves a damn medal … or a beautiful new handbag.