NFL Week 9 Betting Picks: Thursday Night Football – Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

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Thursday Night Football is back – and so are the boys to break down all the betting angles!  In-depth coverage of TNF as the Buffalo Bills square off against the New York Jets in an AFC East showdown (1:03:44); can the Buffalo Bills continue winning the turnover battle at such an enormous rate?

Todd Furhman and Payneinsider don’t stop there, they tackle all the biggest games on the NFL Week 9 slate.

– Rams vs Giants (5:51)
– Buccaneers @ Saints (12:12)
– Bengals @ Jaguars (16:23)
– Falcons @ Panthers (21:00)
– Redskins @ Seahawks (25:54)
– Chiefs @ Cowboys (34:40)
– Raiders @ Dolphins (44:19)

Dave Mason of BetOnline.AG joins us (53:33) and gives a glimpse behind the curtain to let us know what NFL sides and totals are attracting public and professional money in Week 9.

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