NFL Week 6 Sports Betting: Monday Night Football – New York Jets at Arizona Cardinals

Monday Night Football edition of Bet The Board with Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider breaking down the Jets visit to Arizona.  Some key injuries for both New York and the Cardinals so be sure to monitor those before betting.

Fuhrman and Payne dive into what they saw from Sunday’s NFL Week 6 slate of games; will Dallas stick with Dak when Romo’s back?  As Payne alluded to, the Packers sure look like a Pretender in the NFC; what’s wrong with Aaron Rodgers?  Did Atlanta show just how real they are in defeat?  Monday Movie Review talks ‘Girl on the Train’ and a wild story that took place at the movie theater.  Bottom line, was this movie worth seeing or was it a glorified Hallmark movie?

All that and more, on the MNF Edition of Bet The Board! Bonus Codes: 75BTB for first timers (75% Bonus) and 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus).

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