NFL Week 4 Recap + Monday Night Football Seahawks at Giants

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The latest episode of Bet the Board podcast features an NFL Week 4 Recap with hosts Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider dissecting what truly unfolded on Sunday.  Their discussion delves into the most significant moments, surprises, and key takeaways from NFL Week 4.

Special guest, Dr. Deepak Chona brings his medical expertise to the table while providing the NFL Week 4 Injury Report.  Not just what the injuries are, but the impact and performance hit is vital for DFS, season-long, and of course sports betting.

As a cherry on top, Todd and Payne provide an in-depth preview of the highly anticipated Monday Night Football clash between the Seattle Seahawks and the New York Giants.  Highlighting key matchups, metrics, team strengths and weaknesses to help listeners make informed betting decisions including a prop bet that is sure to move.

NFL Week 4 Recap Includes:

▶️ Chiefs – Jets Recap (1:10)

▶️ The Good, Bad, & Ugly from NFL Sunday (3:00)

▶️ NFL Week 4 Look Ahead Lines (29:19)

▶️ NFL Week 4 Injury Report (39:44)

▶️ Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants (55:55)

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