NFL Week 4 Betting Picks: New England at Kansas City, Buffalo at Las Vegas, Cleveland at Dallas, Philadelphia at San Francisco, Indianapolis at Chicago

NFL Week 4 is here!  Todd and Payne are back to break down the biggest games from a point spread perspective including a BEST BET.

In-depth previews on the very biggest NFL Week 4 games include:

▶️ Indianapolis at Chicago (4:49)
▶️ Cleveland at Dallas (18:22)
▶️ New England at Kansas City (29:07)
▶️ Buffalo at Las Vegas (40:05)
▶️ Philadelphia at San Francisco (50:11)
▶️ John Sheeran Sports Book Report (1:04:27)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:16:58)

Nick Foles has been handed the keys to Chicago’s car, can he be efficient this week against his former coach and mentor? The Browns look to bully their way to 3-1, will Dallas be aggressive early and force Baker to beat them? New England is the most efficient run team, will Cam and the ground game be able to play keep-away and cover the number? Brian Daboll and Jon Gruden have been cooking devising game plans and calling plays, which offense has the larger edge? What’s wrong with Carson Wentz, can he regain his mojo and do enough against a 49ers defense loaded with injuries?

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