NFL Week 14 Sports Betting: Thursday Night Football – Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City Chiefs + EA Sports Alabama-Browns Simulation Bonus Codes: 75BTB for first timers (75% Bonus) and 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus).

Can you believe it, a few short weeks from the NFL Playoffs?  Week 14 kicks off with a battle in the AFC West as the Oakland Raiders travel to Arrowhead Stadium to take on the Kansas City Chiefs for Thursday Night Football.  Before we get to an in-depth preview of TNF the boys break down Week 14’s biggest games from Seahawks-Packers to a division revenge game on SNF between the Cowboys and Giants.  It’s not being talked about, but there’s a game in the AFC that has huge Playoff implications between the Texans and Colts, who has the edge in that matchup?  Will the Dolphins rebound or is the December collapse ahead?  Can the Saints stay alive or will a fork be put in them come Sunday evening?  Will the Ryan Brothers put the trip to Oakland behind them, or does Buffalo dip below .500?

EA Sports ran a simulation between Alabama and the Cleveland Browns, the results were ridiculous and shocking.  Dave Mason joins from to share some sharp action for the week ahead including Army-Navy.  Before he departs he provides an update on his apartment-fish story.  It’s an action-packed NFL edition of Bet The Board so sit back, relax, and enjoy the listen!