NFC West Betting Preview: 2 NFL Best Bets! Kyler Murray Improvement, Sean McVay’s Confidence, Russell Wilson MVP, Garoppolo Big Year

The 3rd NFL Betting Preview Show of 2020 is here!  Todd and Payne return to dissect the NFC West.  Will Kyler Murray and Kliff Kingsbury make the Cardinals a division contender in their second NFL seasons?  Is Jimmy Garoppolo capable of Winning the 49ers a Super Bowl?  Has Sean McVay lost confidence in his ability as an elite offensive mind?  We know it’s time to unleash Russell Wilson, but will Pete Carroll and Brian Schottenheimer both be willing to throw the ball more?  The boys answer all those questions and share key metrics, schedule analysis, and regression candidates along with TWO best bets!

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NFC West Betting Preview 2020:

▶️ NFL Opt-Outs (2:17)
▶️ Arizona Cardinals (5:51)
▶️ Los Angeles Rams (20:57)
▶️ San Francisco 49ers (32:47)
▶️ Seattle Seahawks (46:01)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:00:14)

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