NFC North Betting Preview: NFL Best Bets! Trubisky vs Foles, Packers Regression, Stafford MVP? Vikings Defensive Decline

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The 5th NFL Betting Preview Show of 2020 is here!  Todd and Payne deep-dive the wide-open NFC North with key metrics, scheduling, regression analysis, and inside scoop.  Will it be Trubisky or Foles starting under center Week 1?  The Packers are sure to regress, but can Rodgers and LaFleur coexist?  Is there hope in Detroit with Stafford and Bevell truly leading the way?  What does the loss of Stefon Diggs and key defensive contributors mean for Zimmer and the Vikings in 2020?  All that and a BEST BET on this weeks NFL season preview!

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NFC North Betting Preview 2020:

▶️ Chicago Bears (3:05)
▶️ Detroit Lions (17:18)
▶️ Green Bay Packers (29:50)
▶️ Minnesota Vikings (42:58)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (53:10)

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