NFC East Preview 2023: NFL Picks, Predictions, Best Bets

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A fresh episode of Bet the Board podcast with Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider focuses on a NFC East Preview for 2023.  The duo dissect the ins and outs of the fiercely competitive NFC East division highlighting team strengths, weaknesses, and potential game-changing factors.  Listeners are treated to a masterclass in football analysis, complete with insider insights that can guide both casual fans and seasoned bettors alike.

No stone goes left unturned with deep dives of quarterback analysis, running back rotations, receiving corps, and the vital roles of play up front along the offensive and defensive lines.  But that’s not all – the episode wouldn’t be complete without predictions and a best bet.  Todd and Payne reveal an NFL pick with value that has a unique betting angle that should yield lucrative returns.

NFC East In-depth Preview Includes:

▶️ Dallas Cowboys (2:00)

▶️ New York Giants (22:37)

▶️ Philadelphia Eagles (42:28)

▶️ Washington Commanders (1:01:20)

▶️ NFC East Injury Report (1:18:18)

▶️ BEST BET (1:25:55)

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