NASCAR Picks for Wurth 400 from Dover Speedway

BEST BET: 7557 Brad Keselowski -120 over Bubba Wallace (on screen match-up widely available)

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What’s on Tap for Stay Green

The boys got back to basics this week after a de-facto bye week from Talladega Super Speedway.  However it wasn’t without upside as Kyle Busch secured his 2nd victory of the season and allowed Chris to take a victory lap give one of his preseason prognostications.

NASCAR Schedule

From gloating to gambling, Chris and Todd had a spirited debate about what it takes to be a successful sports bettor when betting motorsports.  There’s a multitude of ways to attack betting markets and the guys tried to explain how betting NASCAR has plenty of unique nuances

Once the betting lesson was done, all eyes turned to Dover.  Mother nature may have her say in on track activities this weekend but the handicap of drivers bettors need to know before Sunday didn’t change.

▶️ STAGE 1: Talladega Recap…AKA Chris takes a Kyle Busch victory Lap (2:41)

▶️ STAGE 2: Betting Breakdown and Assessing Risk (5:54)

▶️ STAGE 3: Wurth 400 Preview (26:32)

▶️ BEST BET: Top 10 (50:02)

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