March Madness Picks and Predictions for Opening Round of the 2023 NCAA Tournament with Bracket Tips

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Back for the annual festivities, Todd and Payne return for March Madness 2023.  A bracket busting experience like no other and one that should see plenty of action within the first week.  The fellas break down the NCAA Tournament by region and are ready to provide an edge like always.  Todd and Payne deliver matchups, key metrics, injuries, power ratings, coaching edges, and information to help get you to the betting window and cash your picks and predictions.

▶️ Bracket Talk (2:48)

▶️ Ranking Regions (6:51)

▶️ Over Seeded/Under Seeded (12:27)

▶️ Furman vs. Virginia (14:24)

▶️ Oral Roberts vs. Duke (19:37)

▶️ Auburn vs. Iowa (26:00)

▶️ Utah State vs. Missouri (33:55)

▶️ VCU vs. St. Mary’s (47:26)

▶️ Kentucky vs. Providence (55:05)

▶️ Best Bet (1:05:10)

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