Final Four Picks and Betting Tips: Texas Tech vs Michigan State and Auburn vs Virginia Bonus Codes: 75BTB for first timers (75% Bonus) and 50BTB for reloads (50% Bonus)

The Final Four is here and the boys return to break down both big games.  After getting to the window with Ohio State +6 in the opening round against Iowa State, and Michigan State -6 against LSU, Todd and Payne break down all the vital Matchups, Metrics and Coaching Advantages to help you get to the window during the Final 4!

Can Tony Bennett’s pack-line defense work against Auburn?  Should we expect Virginia to shoot better?  Will Texas Tech role players stay hot?  Can Michigan State big men take advantage against Chris Beard’s switching defense?  All that and more!

▶️ Recap Sweet 16 + Elite 8 (3:36)
▶️ Auburn vs Virginia (7:51)
▶️ Texas Tech vs Michigan State (23:30
▶️ Dave Mason BetOnline.AG Action Report (36:32)
▶️ BEST BET! (41:46)