College Football Week 10 Betting Picks: Georgia vs Florida, Miami at FSU, Utah at Washington

College Football Week 10 is here and the boys are back to break down all the big games, including a few nice rivalry and conference matchups!

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Todd Fuhrman and Payne insider deliver all the key metrics, information, and matchup analysis for this weeks biggest games to help you make more informed decisions at the betting window.

▶️ Virginia at North Carolina (1:58)
▶️ Oregon at USC Trojans (12:20)
▶️ Georgia vs Florida (24:06)
▶️ Miami at FSU (37:53)
▶️ Utah at Washington (51:56)
▶️ BEST BET ! (1:06:58)

Will Virginia’s offense be less effective with a dinged up Bryce Perkins? Can USC’s defense hold up in the trenches and stop the run? The team that has won the rushing battle, has won 13-straight in the largest outdoor cocktail party between Georgia and Florida. Can Cam Akers do it all for the FSU offense? Washington fresh off a bye will be looking to pull the upset, can they ruin Utah’s season?

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