College Football Championship Week Picks and Predictions: Alabama vs Florida, Clemson vs Notre Dame, Northwestern vs Ohio State, Oklahoma vs Iowa State, Oregon at USC, Tulsa at Cincinnati

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It’s Championship Week in College Football! The boys from return to break down 6 big games including the Pac-12, Big 10, Big 12, ACC, AAC, and SEC championship games. Todd Fuhrman and Payne Insider dissect key metrics, matchups, and provide vital information to help you make more informed decisions at the FanDuel betting window.

▶️ Oregon at USC (3:12)
▶️ Northwestern vs Ohio State (13:42)
▶️ Oklahoma vs Iowa State (25:15)
▶️ Clemson vs Notre Dame (38:15)
▶️ Tulsa at Cincinnati (49:20)
▶️ Alabama vs Florida (55:00)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:06:20)

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