CardBoard Chat Episode 5: How to Handle the Sports Card Market Downswing

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We know our audience well by now and we’re staying in the groove with Episode 5.  The CardBoard Chat gallery continues growing and we certainly appreciate you joining us in our journey.  If you’re new to CardBoard Chat welcome and please take your time digesting all of the material from the first 4 episodes.  If you’re a veteran of these parts, we know you love listening for multiple reasons. Having skin in the game and getting our money in good is a priority for us all.  This is no different from betting futures, an individual game, investing in the stock market, real estate, or leveraging your collectable assets.

Jesse and Payne start CardBoard Chat Episode 5 by elaborating on a key word in the financial industry, “timing.” Much like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, crypto, whatever it may be, timing the market is extremely difficult and it’s the same for sports cards, memorabilia, and collectables.  Within timing, a very important matter of how to handle the downswing in the sports card marketplace.  Jesse and Payne provide tips on how to handle market downswings so you can add to your collecting and investing acumen.

The core four topics remain as Jesse and Payne dive into the most iconic players and brands in sports by delivering quality information for those both active and new to the sports card industry. It’s never too soon to start collecting sports cards and relive your childhood hobby.

▶️ How to Handle Market Downswings (1:55)
▶️ IT’S TIME! (Overvalued / Undervalued) (7:38)
▶️ Magic Number (Guess Auction Price) (18:55)
▶️ That’s A Ghost! (Rare Card Alert) (30:38)
▶️ THIS or THAT (Comparing 2 Cards) (34:29)

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