CardBoard Chat Episode 23: NBA Championship Impact on Basketball Card Values

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Payne and Jesse return for CardBoard Chat Episode 23.  Championship talk and legacies are on the line.  The NBA seemingly pushed rewind and reverted back to bubble teams in both Conference Finals.  What’s difference this time around, you ask.  Everything…

LeBron James has plenty of gas left in the tank but Anthony Davis is the barometer for Lakers’ success.  Nikola Jokic made quick work of the Phoenix Suns and is making his claim he should’ve been league MVP for the third consecutive season.  In the East, it’s all about Jimmy Butler and Jayson Tatum.  Butler has reaffirmed himself as a big stage player while Tatum is trying to use his magical Game 7 performance against Philadelphia to put the Celtics back in the NBA Championship.  Just how much will a title impact basketball card values, Jesse and Payne debate.

The core four segments remain with Jesse and Payne diving into the most iconic card brands and players in sports by delivering quality information for those active, new to the sports card industry, or looking to return. It’s never too soon to start investing and collecting sports cards reliving your childhood hobby.

▶️ NBA Championship Impact on Basketball Card Values (1:50)

▶️ IT’S TIME! (Overvalued / Undervalued) (14:10)

▶️ Magic Number (Guess Auction Price) (22:10)

▶️ That’s A Ghost! (Rare Card Alert) (32:36)

▶️ THIS or THAT (Comparing 2 Cards) (36:58)

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