CardBoard Chat Episode 22: NFL Draft Impact on Football Card Market

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Payne and Jesse are back with CardBoard Chat Episode 22.  The 2023 NFL Draft is behind us but now we get to project forward into the future.  Quarterbacks are the most coveted assets in the football card market, now the question is which rookie signal caller are wise choices to invest in.  While some can make early splashes, there are certainly a few QBs in prime positions to succeed for long stretches of time.  Maybe those quarterbacks have been in the league for a few seasons and their respective general manager has enhanced the team around them making them worthy investments in the off-season.

As always, the core four segments remain with Jesse and Payne diving into the most iconic card brands and players in sports by delivering quality information for those active, new to the sports card industry, or looking to return. It’s never too soon to start investing and collecting sports cards reliving your childhood hobby.

▶️ NFL Draft Impact on Football Cards (3:27)

▶️ IT’S TIME! (Overvalued / Undervalued) (13:11)

▶️ Magic Number (Guess Auction Price) (22:17)

▶️ That’s A Ghost! (Rare Card Alert) (39:30)

▶️ THIS or THAT (Comparing 2 Cards) (43:54)

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