Big 12 Football Preview 2022: Best Bets, Picks, & Predictions with Analytics

Place Your College Football Win Totals and Futures at and start with a $1,000 No Sweat Bet!

The constant shuffling of College Football conferences continues, but in certain parts that means gaping holes.  The boys move from the Big 10 to the Big 12 Football Preview for 2022.  In-depth analysis on the biggest teams from the Big Xll Conference.  Key metrics, Coaching changes, Schedule analysis, Recruiting, Power Ratings, Player Efficiency, Injuries, and more to help you navigate the Win Totals and Futures markets and get your ready for the upcoming season.  The boys provide another BEST BET Win Total as well!

▶️ Oklahoma (2:35)
▶️ Texas (15:16)
▶️ Oklahoma State (28:18)
▶️ Baylor (41:05)
▶️ TCU (54:35)
▶️ Iowa State (1:05:00)
▶️ Kansas State (1:17:19)
▶️ Texas Tech (1:30:22)
▶️ Rest of Big 12 (1:42:06)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (1:44:22)

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