AFC South Betting Preview: NFL Best Bets! Deshaun Watson Needs Help, Philip Rivers Too Old, Jaguars Tanking? Tannehill and Titans Regress?

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The 8th and final NFL Betting Preview Show of 2020 is LIVE!  Todd and Payne deep-dive the AFC South division with important key metrics, scheduling, regression analysis, and information.  DeShaun Watson is the magic man, but where does the help come from?  If you’re selling the Colts in 2020, you better listen to the Phillip Rivers sermon delivered on today’s show!  Can we send the Jacksonville Jaguars to London already and just forget about them?  Can the Titans replicate what they did a season ago, or is harsh regression imminent?  All that and a BEST BET on this weeks NFL season preview!

AFC South Betting Preview 2020:

▶️ Tampa Bay Signs Fournette (2:51)
▶️ Houston Texans (5:58)
▶️ Indianapolis Colts (19:15)
▶️ Jacksonville Jaguars (34:40)
▶️ Tennessee Titans (40:04)
▶️ BEST BET 💰 (54:19)

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