10 Signs Your Betting is Ready for the Next Level


When it comes to sports betting there’s one question asked rather frequently by men and women of all ages; how do I know when it’s time to take my sports betting more seriously?  Fortunately for those inquiring minds you’ve come to the right place for advice, because reading Bet the Board provides a truly enlightened sports betting perspective.

Here are the 10 signs your betting is ready for the next level:

10)  One loss doesn’t become three, and three don’t become seven before spiraling into a colossal losing streak; there’s no such thing as “being due” and digging out of a small hole is always easier than the Grand Canyon.  Even professional bettors go through the inevitable 0-10 and 7-19 stretches throughout the year; mindset and money management is why they’re professionals.

9)  Remembering passwords for each of your outs has become increasingly challenging.  You’ve actually had a panic attack when you’re not working from the home computer that automatically saves each 3 digit identifier for every PPH site.

8)  Confirmation bias is a thing of the past; you objectively look at results recognizing the difference between a lucky win and a perfectly capped loss.  Ascribing to the mantra that the “right side is the winning side” makes you sound like a noob.

7)  There’s no need to validate each winning bet through the praise of internet strangers; the only scoreboard that matters is an increasing bank balance.

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6)  Days of blaming everyone but yourself for a loss while taking all the credit for a win are gone; the book doesn’t care who “forced” you to bet that 6-team parlay, so eliminate the blame game from your repertoire completely.

5)  You’ve finally started keeping track of all your bets on something more professional and sustainable than a cocktail napkin.

4)  Productivity at the office completely falls off minutes after a new episode of Bet the Board hits your iTunes or android account every Monday / Wednesday / Thursday during the fall.

3)  You don’t kick yourself for passing a winner; the idea there’s another bet to be made tomorrow doesn’t feel like a cliché given it’s actually become doctrine ruling your day-to-day.

2)  The idea of fading your favorite team used to make your skin crawl; now you’re able to use your edge knowing that specific team best, allowing you to fade or play because making money is far more important than blind childhood loyalty.

1)  You’ve finally moved past the idea that somehow watching every game you bet gives your team a better chance to cash a ticket.