College Football Week 1 Picks and Predictions: LSU vs FSU, Florida at Utah, UNC at South Carolina

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The trio of Todd Fuhrman, Payne Insider, and Brad Powers returns to dive headfirst into the College Football Week 1 board.  Zeroing in on 7 of the must-see games, each is broken down with power ratings, key matchups and metrics, injury information, and all the crucial factors to help you gain an edge in the betting market.

College Football Week 1 Preview Includes:

▶️ Rule Change Impact (1:43)

▶️ Florida at Utah (7:33)

▶️ NON-POWERS 5 (21:34)

▶️ UNC at South Carolina (26:26)

▶️ Colorado at TCU (38:35)

▶️ West Virginia at Penn State (49:05)

▶️ LSU vs FSU (58:21)

▶️ Clemson at Duke (1:15:02)

▶️ BEST BET (1:24:30)

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