CardBoard Chat Episode 16: How to Handle New Trading Card Product Releases

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Payne and Jesse release the goods with CardBoard Chat Episode 16.  The sports card market can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate but it’s no different than any other market; sports betting, the stock market or real estate.  Putting the necessary time in is vital.

This week Jesse and Payne discuss tactics and how to approach new product releases in the sports card space.  Bowman, Prizm, Optic, and hundreds of other trading card releases will come to market in 2023, but when is the best time to buy packs, boxes, cases, and singles for those new products?  Like anything else, these guys want you to treat everything like gold and then do your homework after that.  Scouting the market is a key here but treating everything like a 10 is a must because of the unpredictability.

The core four segments remain with Jesse and Payne diving into the most iconic card brands and players in sports by delivering quality information for those active, new to the sports card industry, or looking to return. It’s never too soon to start investing and collecting sports cards reliving your childhood hobby.

▶️ How to Handle New Product Releases (2:01)

▶️ IT’S TIME! (Overvalued / Undervalued) (13:15)

▶️ Magic Number (Guess Auction Price) (24:47)

▶️ That’s A Ghost! (Rare Card Alert) (40:15)

▶️ THIS or THAT (Comparing 2 Cards) (44:35)

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